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Frequently Asked Questions

What food will my cat be fed? And how often?

Our guests are served twice daily, morning and early evening. We stock a selection of pet foods including Whiskers, Purina and Royal Canin, amongst others. If your cat has special dietary requirements please discuss this with us at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What if my cat only eats a particular type of food?​
We welcome owners to provide their pet's favourite brand and we will make sure our guest is only served his or her preferred choice of food.


What vaccinations does my cat need?

Your cat will need to be vaccinated against cat flu (rhinotracheitis), Calicivirus, enteritis (panleukopenia) and rabies. Please ensure all vaccinations are up to date at the time of booking. To ensure the safety of all our guests we cannot accept cats without the correct vaccines. 


What do you do about ticks and fleas?

Ticks and fleas are unwelcome! To ensure the protection of all our guests we apply a mandatory tick and flea precautionary treatment at check-in. There is a charge of QR75 per treatment. We advise that guests are not treated with tick and flea products for at least 28 days prior to boarding.



What if my cat has a medical condition?

Please let us know at the time of reservation enquiry if your cat has an ongoing medical condition that requires specific care and treatment. All cases will be treated on an individual basis and we will do our utmost to assist where possible.



What if my cat gets sick while staying at the hotel?

In the unlikely event that one of our guests becomes ill or injured during their stay we shall ensure prompt treatment is provided. Non-emergency cases will be treated at a local veterinary clinic, by a visiting veterinarian on-site, or by trained staff. In emergency situations our trained staff will provide on-the-spot care and your cat will be transported immediately to a local veterinary clinic for treatment. In all cases you will be informed without delay. If ongoing treatment is needed we offer the option of transferring your cat to their usual veterinary clinic.

How should I transport my cat?
Please ensure you use a proper pet carrier. We are happy to store it for you during your holiday so it's ready for you at collection time. Remember to mark it clearly with your full name. If you don't have a pet carrier and you have booked our Pet Taxi service we have a limited supply for customer use. Please do not bring your cat to Catari Cat Hotel in a cardboard box or carry your pet in your arms just in case they accidentally escape before they are settled into their chalet.
My cat prefers it's own bed. Can I bring it?​

We want our guests to feel as comfortable as they would at home and encourage owners to bring their pet's own basket, bedding, toys and any other familiar items to ensure they feel secure and contented during their vacation. 

Can I stay with my cat while they settle in?
Owners are very welcome to join us whilst we settle your cat into it's holiday accommodation. 
My cat has never stayed in a cat hotel before. Should I be worried?
Cats are very adaptable by nature and in the majority of cases they settle very quickly to their new surroundings. As long as they have a comfy bed, good food, water and lots of love they are perfectly happy. As cat owners ourselves we take pride in being able to make your cat's stay in the hotel as comfortable and as happy as possible.
What is there for my cat to do?
We want all our guests to thoroughly enjoy their vacation with us. A soft bed, delicious food and five star service is all part of the package but we also believe that play time and chalet enrichment is important too! A range of specialist cat toys are regularly made available to our guests to ensure your pet enjoys an exciting and fun filled holiday! ​
What if I am delayed or I want to extend my holiday?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you decide to enjoy a few extra days vacation. In all cases we will do our best to accommodate your pet for the additional time you are away but, of course, this will be subject to availability. Any additional fees will be charged upon collection of your pet
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